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Being healthy helps you live with

symbiosis with nature


Everything in the universe is made up of vibration and resonance.

Physicists and scientists proved this long ago. What is true on a large scale for our universe is also the case for every living organism. Each cell in our body has its own vibration frequency. This is the basis for the work the cells carry out: detoxifying and nourishing.

Our metabolism functions better when we have a healthy lifestyle and the substances we take in are of good quality: the optimum amount of clean, living water and a diet of unadulterated sun-ripened food.

we speak to patients every day who suffer from non-specific symptoms, that is to say they complain of a variety of symptoms and nobody knows why…

we have taken our inspiration from Nature. We have discovered natural principles and applied these to the biological processes of the human body – with spectacular success!



‘healthy lifestyle’ has been bandied about for years, an abbreviated definition of how we should live if we want to get the healthiest body we can. One that both looks good and feels good.

But what does having a healthy lifestyle mean? You know the obvious behaviors that describe someone who’s healthy and takes care of themselves. A healthy person doesn’t smoke, tries to maintain a healthy weight, eats healthy foods with plenty of fruits, vegetables and fiber and, of course, exercises on a regular basis.

Then there are other elements to add to the list. A healthy person also knows how to manage stress, gets good quality sleep each night, doesn’t drink too much, doesn’t sit too much…basically, does everything in moderation all the time.

When you look at everything that could possibly go into a healthy lifestyle, you can see just how hard all of those things are in our current world.

The good news is, you don’t have to change everything at the same time. In fact, the trick to healthy living is making small changes – Taking more steps each day, adding fruit to your cereal, having an extra glass of water or saying no to that second helping of buttery mashed potatoes.



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